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Sir Francis Bacon: "Many secrets of art and nature are thought by the unlearned to be magical."  




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8 Hours to Live/The Great Adventure, Northridge 1994


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Thoughts,Conflicts,and a Contemplation or Two


The sum of an artistís work is made up of many creations over a period of time. For the artist, some of these parts are not of a quality the artist wishes to be seen or heard by the public at large. They donít reflect the artistís self-observed ability or talent, or they donít reflect what the artist wishes to convey through his work.


In looking back over my own musical creations, there are works that I simply do not wish to be heard. Some works are quite naÔve or imitations of other composers. Others are quite original. And still others are obvious attempts at experimentation. In a moment of retrospect, I have decided to combine all of the music that represents how I wish to be viewed as a composer under one title. This music is eclectic and varied in its forms and tonalities, from the commercial to the esoteric.


Thoughts, Conflicts, And A Contemplation Or Two is the anthology of my best works as I perceive them. The individual works are not listed in any particular order. But all are programmed around a set of what was originally a set of five short so-called inventions written for piano in 1967. I later undertook the scoring of these Ďinventionsí for orchestra. All of the remaining music is comprised of various works, both 'commercial' and Ďseriousí in nature.

The music is a combination of original recordings and midi-realized performances, each of which have been re-recorded using the same computer-generated instrumental libraries to achieve a consistency of sound.



"One of the best examples of good classical music MIDI sequencing is Richard Audd's EarthDay. I believe this MIDI file comes with the current SB Live! installation CD. Anyone who wants to do a credible job sequencing classical music should study this piece, and in particular look at how Richard uses [MIDI] controller messages."  (In a March, 2004 interview, cellist, writer, composer, and studio owner, Ethan Winer.)

"This stuff is great!" Tracy West, NPR Radio

"I don't have to tell you you've got the chops to be a composer. 

You are a composer."

Composer, George S. Clinton      (Austin Powers, The Santa Clause 3)





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