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Sir Francis Bacon: "Many secrets of art and nature are thought by the unlearned to be magical."  




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8 Hours to Live/The Great Adventure, Northridge 1994

(May, 2017) The first CD volume of Richard's original music is here!


  (Richard recently moved from Shadow Hills, CA to Lancaster, CA on February 12, 2015)



Thoughts,Conflicts,and a Contemplation or Two


The sum of an artistís work is made up of many creations over a period of time. For the artist, some of these parts are not of a quality the artist wishes to be seen or heard by the public at large. They donít reflect the artistís self-observed ability or talent, or they donít reflect what the artist wishes to convey through his work.


In looking back over my own musical creations, there are works that I simply do not wish to be heard. Some works are quite naÔve or imitations of other composers. Others are quite original. And still others are obvious attempts at experimentation. In a moment of retrospect, I have decided to combine all of the music that represents how I wish to be viewed as a composer under one title. This music is eclectic and varied in its forms and tonalities, from the commercial to the esoteric.


Thoughts, Conflicts, And A Contemplation Or Two is the anthology of my best works as I perceive them. The individual works are not listed in any particular order. But all are programmed around a set of what was originally a set of five short so-called inventions written for piano in 1967. I later undertook the scoring of these Ďinventionsí for orchestra. All of the remaining music is comprised of various works, both 'commercial' and Ďseriousí in nature.

The music is a combination of original recordings and midi-realized performances, each of which have been re-recorded using the same computer-generated instrumental libraries to achieve a consistency of sound.



"One of the best examples of good classical music MIDI sequencing is Richard Audd's EarthDay. I believe this MIDI file comes with the current SB Live! installation CD. Anyone who wants to do a credible job sequencing classical music should study this piece, and in particular look at how Richard uses [MIDI] controller messages."  (In a March, 2004 interview, cellist, writer, composer, and studio owner, Ethan Winer.)

"This stuff is great!" Tracy West, NPR Radio

"I don't have to tell you you've got the chops to be a composer. 

You are a composer."

Composer, George S. Clinton      (Austin Powers, The Santa Clause 3)





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