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Four Miniatures

This piece and Spectrum VIII were written for my senior recital at Oklahoma Baptist University. I was majoring in instrumental music with my instrument being the Eb clarinet, the small piccolo clarinet. My minor was piano. Also on the recital, I played the more traditional Hindemith Clarinet Sonata, transposing the entire piano part so as not to change the original clarinet part.
Four Miniatures is a continuation of Thoughts, Conflicts and a Contemplation or Two. It is written for either Eb or Bb clarinet plus cowbell and prepared piano.
The four movements are 1) Conflict III (clarinet and normal piano), 2) Contemplation I (clarinet and normal piano), 3) Solo Dance (clarinet and cowbell), and 4) Thought III (clarinet, cowbell, and prepared piano. The construction of the music is the same as in Thoughts, Conflicts, etc
While I was at OBU, I was allowed to musically 'roam'. In fact there were several of us who experimented with many different 20th century musical ideas, much to the consternation of the more religious and static faculty. I owe much of this experimental encouragement to two people: Dr. Joe Spurlock, my adviser and the director of instrumental ensembles; and to Dr. Arthur Wolff, professor of composition and music theory. Both men were released (read 'fired') by the University within two years after my senior year. The University has never been the same or encouraged the same experimentation and originality since that time.
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Richard Audd

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