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ONTV Music Package

In 1983, I was working for a television promotion company as senior editor. We took on a new client called ON-TV. It was one of the first over-the-air movies and specials channels and was available in several cities nationwide.
When the subject of music for the ON-TV network rose, I asked that I be allowed to bid on the music package. After submitting a simple rendition of the overall music themes, we recorded two of the thematic ideas with a full orchestra. The clients loved and approved the music.
Writing the music for commercials, promos, and logos consumed some three months of work. There were several recording sessions both here in Los Angeles and in Alexandria, Indiana.
Indiana? Yes. One of the better recording studios in the country at that time was located there at rates far below Los Angeles rate cards. And we had access to musicians from the Louisville Symphony Orchestra.
The Indiana recording sessions took two weeks. I worked with a 45 piece orchestra, recording the music by instrumental section. We brought in the rhythm section first, then added winds, brass, and percussion, and finally the strings. Incidentally, several string players were friends from Eastman.
The Los Angeles sessions fell into two categories. The first was to record synthesized versions of some of the main cues. The second was to re-record many graphics and logos from the Indiana sessions.

Some very personal advice: make sure that the people who are creating logos and graphics have given you the very final timing sheets to write to. In our case, some logos had been changed by as much as two seconds, rendering a lot of earlier recordings useless.

The job was a dream job. In the end, I, with the help of Dr. Robert Wood from Middle Tennessee State University and Dr. Alan Oettinger from Los Angeles, produced over 3 hours of finished music.
ON-TV survived for about 4 years until the current cable TV systems that we use today took over the market.

Richard Audd

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