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In my early days, I wrote many pieces of music, most of which were very derivative and not very good. However, they were all learning projects.
Excerpts from Imperia Decem were performed on four different occasions by the Edison Preparatory High School orchestra where I attended. We had a young, new conductor in charge of the instrumental music department who encouraged students to be creative. He allowed me to conduct the Song from Song and Jubilation as well. The late Ashley Alexander was an inspiration in music and outside music (how to care for a boat with an inboard engine).
Grand Fanfare for Band was the first piece I wrote for band. I conducted its first performance at OBU in 1965. It was later performed by other Oklahoma bands.
Mass for Band was written for the Young Tulsans, a band made up of musicians from all of the Tulsa high schools. But it proved to be too difficult for them to play. The work needs a re-write if I ever find the time to do so.
Death of an Archbishop is based on Jean Anouilh’s play, Becket, which was the basis for the movie of the same name. This work also needs a re-write.

Richard Audd

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