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The South was one of the last theatrical interstitial films made in the early 1970’s. Pure and simple, it was an “infomercial” travelogue. This was the first film I scored for Paramount ’s commercial/industrial division. Many lessons were learned on this film.  

The one interesting side bar on this film is that I got to meet and have dinner with Jimmy Carter and wife prior to his being elected President. They were two of the nicest political people I have ever sat and talked to.  

The other two films for Paramount involved horse racing and a travelogue for California .

The music for the Sizzler Steak commercial was only a few seconds long and involved the sale of New York Steaks and required a “Broadway” sound. I actually scored it in 7/4 time, something unusual for me.
Sweeney’s Jewelry came to me twice. The first time involved scoring a commercial with a “2001” type of fanfare. The second time was just to lay two musical beds for future commercials and those were done on synthesizers.

I actually did two commercials for World’s of Fun, an amusement park in the Midwest . The first time was to conduct and supervisor the music of another composer. The second time was composing and recording an original music bed (with and without lyrics) for a new commercial.

The two educational films for Universal’s commercial division were short, dramatic films. The music was loosely scored to picture. I worked for the production company that produced the films.
Promises to Keep was an interesting introduction to writing for a stage play. I was well suited for this project as the play was based on the writings of Robert Frost. The play ran at Theater West in Los Angeles for several weeks and received good reviews overall (including the music).

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