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ABC Special Presentation Logo


While working as a free-lance video tape editor for a company that provided ABC-TV with all of its networks promotions, I was able to also provide music for several on-air logos. This was the first such logo.
The logo and music won a Clio award in 1978.
I love doing music for graphics and logos. They are short and to the point. This one is still my favorite.
The music was performed using an ARP 2600 synthesizer. I had several synthesizers at the time, but the ARP provided the most wide-ranging as well as unique sounds.
With this piece, I began using a recording technique that I continued with until computer software sequencers arrived. Since some of the musical lines that I wrote were more difficult than I could play quickly in a recording studio, I would record the parts at half of the tape speed and an octave lower. When played back, the musical line sounded normal. Cheating? Yes. But it worked. I continued using this technique for several years.
This is the original recording from 1977. The logo and music played for over two years on ABC, airing just before major special presentations.

I later recorded this music using an orchestral sound. Both versions are below. Music from two other logos are also provided.


Richard Audd

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