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Earth Day

I love to tell this story:
In 1997, I was invited to write the theme and filler music for a television special on Earth Day. The company and people involved will remained unnamed. The producer was a regular editing client and asked me to write the music for her show. I gave them this piece for the opening of the show and she loved it. However, the director, who for some reason had more creative weight, hated it and rejected it.
Some of of the smaller pieces I wrote for the show were used, but none of them referred to this theme.
As is the case in the entertainment industry, anyone who writes something, even gets paid for it, but then has it rejected, merely places the finished work on the shelf in hopes of using it again someday.
For me, the opportunity came a few months later. After purchasing my first DOS/IBM/Windows based home computer, I chanced upon a composition contest sponsored by Creative Labs, makers of Sound Blaster sound cards for computers. The rules were simple (submit a MIDI file of a piece of music) and I quickly re-arranged the music into a more traditional form from its 'in-show' format.
I quickly forgot about the contest until I received an email two days after Christmas in 1997, informing me that I had won the $5000 First Prize in the Creative Open MIDI Contest. (This prize was behind an overall Grand Prize.) When I later talked to the sponsors of the contest, they informed me that they had wanted to give me the Grand Prize but were pressured to award that to a more commercial/pop piece. Their choice for the Grand Prize was well deserved.
A MIDI file of Earth Day was later included on the demo disk that accompanied Sound Blaster Live! sound cards. I also wrote articles on writing symphonic music using MIDI and the SB cards for Creative Labs.
More information on this piece can be found on the Home page and the About page. And another piece that was rejected in that show is on the Works page, titled Song for Steve.
I have never called the producer of the original show to let her know what she passed up.

Richard Audd

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