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Part 1:
We paw our minds, tear its entrails, search and sift through---
We blunder tenderly along its corridors and look intently,
Hoping that around some forgotten corner
We might stumble upon an answer
Lying open and still breathing.
Part 2:
He is a curious thing this paradox called Man ---
He laughs...He cries...He smiles...He frowns...
But within this tight Tragedy called life
His heart beats steadily.
Part 3:
There is a man I know who sits and thinks --- wandering
Down philosophical pathways,
Concerned with ultimate questions;
But when we talk, He has never touched my pulsing flesh,
My hungry heart...
Part 4:
Sometimes they say I am a man without faith ---
Yet they do not know my secret moments,
When I go beyond their cheap categories to know.

(Lyrics Copyrighted by John Soos. Used by permission.)

Richard Audd
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