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A New Spirit

In 1997, I began working on a large work for orchestra titled editEdmaSTer. The term comes from the description of the final version of an edited video tape -- the Edited Master of a show or commercial or other product. In my case, the word has autobiographical intent as one's life is an Edited Master. The emphasis on the letters 'e', 's', and 't' is self-explanatory.
The melody for 'New Spirit' is, I believe, one of the best that I have ever written. It came very naturally without a 'blank page' syndrome. I immediately wrote an extended version of it as the opening movement of editEdmaSTer. However, I could never make the movement evoke my intents to any satisfaction. My purpose was to musically portray my early life as preacher's kid who did not believe in gods and religion, and facing the problems of separation of church and state at the home level.
Recently, I wrote this version of the melody, keeping it very simple. It seems to say more than it originally did.
The use of the word 'spirit' is not meant to convey a religious connotation. All life is spiritual in some way without the assumption of it being god or mythology based. For me, being 'spiritual' is a feeling of wholeness with everything and everyone about me.
I have plans to write a choral version of this piece once I find appropriate lyrics to match the music.

Richard Audd

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