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Questions from editEdmaSTer

This is the opening movement from editEdmaSTer. It is quite loosely written, migrating from idea to idea until a resolution is found.
It is also somewhat emblematic of my entire life. I have always refused to simply accept ideas and explanations of myths, dogmas, and philosophies without pouring over the questions that are ignited by them.
As a child is raised, these questions are often  suppressed. And if they do surface, the outer limits of adult reactions can include punishment in some mental or physical form. As an adult, more meaningful and thoughtful discussions and discourse can follow. Hopefully the aim is to reach a maturity of mind that is capable of reasoning and adjusting the individual's life views.
As a child, I was not allowed to question. But I did not believe and suffered from the constant onslaught of 'what is wrong with you?'. As a young adult, when I did start openly questioning and challenging, I was told that it was just a phase. As a mature adult, I am told that I am just wrong. I love to challenge that statement with, "No, you are wrong".
The recording of the this work is to arrive soon.

Richard Audd

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