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Saban Entertainment Test

I was asked to submit a test cue for one of Saban Entertainment's animated TV shows for the purpose of showing my writing and synchronization skills and for possible employment.
Writing in the animation genre for TV requires working very quickly and scoring to picture. The Saban music department had several composers working in several electronic studios, literally churning out all of the music for one show in a day or two.
I was anxious to try this type of writing as a way of sharpening my commercial writing skills.
This recording was produced in a few short hours using my Atari 1040st and a Proteus 1 Plus Orchestra module. Other than the video playback unit, no other equipment was used. And I have yet to actually write out a score of what I recorded. I worked virtually from a few bars of music hastily scratched out on paper --- a phrase or chord here and there --- and let the video determine how I would construct the music.
I did not get the job as all hiring was put hold when Saban was sold to another company. The only comment I received back was that I did great job but the music was a little too dramatic for their tastes. However, that problem could be remedied by gaining a knowledge of their likes and dislikes. Shortly after, I took another job editing.

Richard Audd

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