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(Videos of Richardís music utilizing live musicians and MIDI realizations are available on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/MusicByAudd .)


December 5, 2009: Garritan Orchestral Libraries released its 2009 Christmas CD (Free!) 

A new recording of "Merry Christmas, Mr. Britten" (from a new light ~ christmas album) was chosen to close out the album. The recording could only use the Garritan programs and no other sounds.


NEWS, April, 2007: 

Concert Fanfare for Orchestra has been recorded by Robert Winstin and the Czech Philharmonic for inclusion in Volume 10 of Masterworks of the New Era from ERMMedia. The CD was released on April 15, 2007 . 

(This recording has two measures from the original score missing -- bad audio edit? Also, No composers on this CD and others from this company have received any remuneration from this company despite world-wide distribution and sales. The recordings are sloppy. My publisher, TRN Music, is using the original computer performance over this recording for sales purposes.)

Concert Fanfare for Orchestra is published and available through TRN Music Publisher. Please contact Jim Wiley for scores and parts at TRN Music.  


Click above to go to the Soundfont website for winners.

Richard Audd, First Prize winner in the 2002 Creative Labs Soundfont Contest.

His winning entry was titled Concert Fanfare for Orchestra. (Click on title to play an MP3 file of music,)

Richard Audd, First Prize winner in the 1997 Creative Inspire Open MIDI Contest.

The contest was sponsored by Creative Labs, makers of Sound Blaster sound cards, E-mu systems, and Ensoniq synthesizers. First prize included a new E-mu Darwin hard disk recorder and a cash award.

The winning entry was titled EarthDay

"Anyone who wants to do a credible job sequencing classical music should study this piece."

Ethan Winer, writer and MIDI specialist.


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