Native American Recording Project

(Updated December 18, 2013)

Three Native American Composers have now had their music recorded under NARP. Three grants were awarded to fund this project.

An excerpt from the Concerto for Flute and Orchestra ("Tracing Mississippi") by composer Jerod Tate (Chickasaw) has been recorded for a documentary film. An excerpt of this "excerpt" is listed in the musical examples below. 


Jerod's reaction to his recording: "This sounds great!

Canon for September 11 ("Voices from Ground Zero") for 5 solo strings, flute, oboe, and harpsichord by composer George Quincy (Choctaw). 


George's reaction to his recording: "You have done a beautiful job, capturing the essence of the music. It is really beautiful and moving.

Composer David Yeagley (Comanche) submitted an excerpt from one work, a film score listed below. The complete film score was eventually recorded by the Oklahoma City Symphony, The film, an old 1920 silent film, was premiered in June of 2012.



The music was for the 1920 silent movie, "Daughter of Dawn". David used the excerpt to get the recording made. On December 16, 2013, the Library of Congress added "Daughter of Dawn" to the national film registry.


David Yeagley died in 2014. He will be missed. He has left us his legacy.


You can hear the computer generated music for the first ten minutes of the film on 



Funding for this project came from various grants:

“This event is supported [in part] through Subito, the advancement grant program of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the American Composers Forum”. 

Fractured Atlas granted funding for additional programs and sounds. 

First Nations Composers Initiative provided funding through a Common Ground Grant (This First Nations Composer Initiative project is supported through the Ford Foundation's Indigenous Knowledge, Expressive Culture grant program of the American Composers Forum).

It also had the endorsement and approval of the several known Native American composers, First Nations Composers Initiative (FNCI), the Society of Composers, Inc. (SCION), the American Composers Forum (ACF), the National Association of Composers/USA, and the Oklahoma Composers Association (OCA).  

Additional information through email should be addressed to Phone calls may be made at 661-547-2229.


Excerpts from the works by Native American Composers:

            "Tracing Mississippi" Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, 3rd Movement (Jerod Tate, Copyright 2001)

            Canon for September 11 ("Voices from Ground Zero") (George Quincy, Copyright 2007 by Foxborough Jr. Music

             "Daughter of Dawn" (Film score) (David Yeagley, Copyright 2008)


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